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What my clients have to say...

"It was a huge relief getting those letters of acceptance to all my top choices: Berkley, Darden, and Kenan-Flagler. It's been a real journey working with Eric on my side at every turn, learning more about myself and so many schools that I hadn't previously considered but were actually a great fit for me and my career. Above all, the interview simulations were a huge help and boosted my confidence in speaking about myself and my vision for my career. Thanks for everything!"

-Julien S.

"I can't thank you enough for your unfaltering dedication - Harvard, here I come! Your deep knowledge of the school, the application process, and how to put my best forward has resulted in achieving a dream I never thought possible. Thanks for lighting the way!"

-Rebecca L.

"Thank you, Eric, for your time and support on my INSEAD application. I'm really excited to have received admission to for the 23J class!!! Considering I had a less than competitive GMAT score, my chances were slim to say the least, but our time was well spent with great insights and advice. Thank you so much for always calming me down and raising my confidence - it went a long way!"

-Fatima D.

"Considering my goal to work in Europe, I knew I needed a program based in Europe to pivot from my native Colorado. Eric came highly recommended by a contact of my father. Both the UK and France were top destinations of mine and we opted for a 5-school package with Eric. The hardest part in the end was deciding between Oxford and Cambridge, which both made pursuasive offers, but in the end, I am so proud to have begun my program at Oxford this fall. Thanks a ton, Eric. You're a real professional and I would recommend you to anyone as an admissions coach!"

-Joe S.

"Candidate Coach provided me with the tools I needed to feel confident and prepared to submit my MBA applications. From detailed insights into specific schools and the overall application process, to personalized coaching and interview prep, Eric provides a holistic coaching experience to ensure success. Now I'm super excited to start my MBA at UVA Darden!"

-Christian H.

"Eric has been the best choice to accompany and coach me to apply to the top ranked schools. He has a solid network and experience in the applications processes that truly helped me focus on what really matters. I was thrilled to be admitted to all the schools to which I applied, and I can wait to begin the program at HEC!

Eric has a personalised approach that helps get the best of me, he makes the toughest challenges feel easier thanks to his deep understanding of our journey and personality. If you are thinking about your next life changing decision, Eric is will help you achieve that in a friendly and extremely efficient way. Thanks Eric, it was a real pleasure working with you!"

-Naïma L.

"It was great working with Eric on preparing my MBA applications. Eric helped me in preparing strong applications for top European business schools. Since I was rejected from many schools last year, Eric helped me in identifying weaknesses in my profile, which eventually helped me this year and I was successful with all my applications. Thank you very much Eric. Keep it up!"

-Vivek S.

"Not only did I get admitted to all the MBA programs to which I applied - with scholarships, but Eric made what is usually a highly stressful and overwhelming process enjoyable. His very friendly, tailor-made approach was efficient, pushed me beyond my limits, but he also knew how to boost me when the applications were weighing heavy on me. If you're seeking entry into a top-ranked MBA program, without hesitation, I recommend working with Eric to help get you there."

-Ayse Y.

"As a doctor in Indonesia, I was sure I needed a top-ranked MBA to make the switch I have been seeking to the Finance world. New York has always been a dream for me, and so Columbia University was my first choice. I am so happy I decided to work with a consultant. Eric was with me for every step and made sure my application was perfect. After gettting on the short list, I was so happy and then was the best part - I like that Eric was for many years an English teacher, because after many interview simulations with him, I was feeling much more confident about my English and proving to the admissions team that I would make it in business in the USA. Thank you very much!"

-Dewi P.

"I really liked how Eric helped me to develop my story, making for a strong presentation that came together nicely about myself and my goals, including relocating to Europe. The interview tips were really helpful to get me camera-ready and feeling prepared for my interview by zoom. Definitely recommend using him as an MBA admissions coach. "

-Brad C.

"Eric is a very approachable coach who helps quickly and effectively with applications and made the process fun. He asks the right questions and knows which buttons to press to get the best out of you. He offers an all-round service in which one feels well-advised in the uncertain process of applying for top-ranked grad schools."

-Thomas S.

"I met Eric in NYC in 2015 as the Director of Recruitment  for the MBA at ESSEC Business School, and recently reached out to him as I was seeking guidance on my career. Eric has a deep understanding of the current career landscape, brings a global perspective to the table and was able to surface some interesting growth opportunities without neglecting my career path. His holistic vision also allowed me to understand what I should improve (on my Linkedin, CV, website, ...), potential new skills to develop and how to compete in a digital era. After our phone session, Eric followed up with a full report on what we covered, with steps and recommendations on what to do next. This served as a very valuable document that sheds light onto the ambiguous areas, and all the small details that can make a big difference. I would highly recommend Eric for anyone looking for sound professional career advice."

-Sean J.

"Eric is a pleasure to work with. He creates a container for discussion that is open and free, yet with a strong guiding thread that weaves the work together and delivers us in a place of clarity. I cannot recommend his services enough."

-Alex C.

"Eric helped me a lot in several aspects, such as improving my CV with specific suggestions that I never would have came up with on my own.  He knew how to adapt my profile, so that I could present myself in the best light to future recruiters.  It was a very motivating exchange that helped me relaunch my career plans and professional projects.  Thanks!"

-Paul-Henri D.

"Overall I really appreciated the soft and professional approach of Eric's coaching.  I particularly appreciated the approach of linking my two interests with my professional project.  The questions were pertinent and allowed me to refine my project from an angle I had not previously considered.

I also appreciated his "soul search" approach, looking at questions as simple and effective as: "what scares me, what do I like? "  It's very reassuring to remove certain barriers.

The Elevator Pitch exercise was cool too, it's been a long time since I've done it and it allows me to synthesize my speech.

Finally, the management part was not necessarily a central point in my thinking but it becomes an important aspect to position myself on what I want and can do in the future."

-Fadia G.

"Eric est le meilleur coach que je connais. Toujours disponible même à l'autre bout du monde, à l'écoute, rapide, efficace, brillant, objectif et perspicace, il a toujours été professionnel. Agréable, souriant et de très bons conseils, c'est un bonheur de travailler avec lui !"

-Lucie D.

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