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"Luxury" means many different things to many people, but perhaps for you the words evokes a vision of an exciting career as part of glamourous international brand about which you are passionate...

If you're seeking a career transformation into the world of luxury, an MBA or Specialized Master's in Luxury Brand Management is very likely your best bet to get you there. There are only a handful of business schools in the world who offer a program that has the expertise, refinement, and trust of the world's top luxury brands that can successfully deliver the career transformation you seek. In a world that has everything to do with exclusivity, it makes perfect sense that admission to these top programs is highly competititve.

Luxury Fashion, man dressed in Loro Piana
Audemars Piquet Luxury Watches

As former Director of Recruitment at ESSEC Business School in Paris, I have worked closely with hundreds of applicants from all over the world who have long dreamt of a career in luxury. Applicants seeking careers in luxury come to me to ensure they found the program that was the right fit for their profile and goals, and to be sure that their application is polished and perfect to prove to the admissions committee that they indeed had just the right skills, mindset, and finesse for admission into these highly specialized, highly sought-after, niche programs.

I've supported applicants' admission into the:

  • ESSEC - MBA in International Luxury Brand Management 

  • ESSEC & Bocconi - Executive Master's in Luxury (EMiLUX)

My former students and clients have targeted careers in the following sectors of luxury, and work in the following industries:

  • Fashion & Accessories

  • Fragrances & Cosmetics

  • Watches & Jewelry

  • Wines & Spirits

  • Cars & Yachts

  • Art & Auction Houses

  • Hospitality, Travel, Experiences, & Other Services

Luxury Sports Car - Luxury Vehicles
Image of bottle of Krug champagne

Believe it or not, the vast majority of people admitted to programs focused on luxury DO NOT have prior professional experience working for a luxury brand. In fact they seek such programs as the catalyst to make the pivot. That said, you need to tell a great story about yourself, that illustrates your deep understanding of how luxury brands work and the passion you have for them. This can come from myriad ways, and what I do for my clients is unearthing the precious gems, the unique elements of your personal and professional story that will sell you to the admissions team to be offered a highly coveted seat in one of these programs.

Many of my clients are driven by some of the same trends that today's luxury brands are producing, with products and services that still align with their heritage but are far more sustainable, accessible online, and resonate with self-expression. Does this sound like you?

For more insights about applying for an MBA, master's, or executive program in Luxury, here are some helpful resources:


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