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What my clients have to say...

"Not only did I get admitted to all the MBA programs to which I applied - with scholarships, but Eric made what is usually a highly stressful and overwhelming process enjoyable. His very friendly, tailor-made approach was efficient, pushed me beyond my limits, but he also knew how to boost me when the applications were weighing heavy on me. If you're seeking entry into a top-ranked MBA program, without hesitation, I recommend working with Eric to help get you there."

-Ayse Y.

"I really liked how Eric helped me to develop my story, making for a strong presentation that came together nicely about myself and my goals, including relocating to Europe. The interview tips were really helpful to get me camera-ready and feeling prepared for my interview by zoom. Definitely recommend using him as an MBA admissions coach. "

-Brad C.

"I met Eric in NYC in 2015 as the Director of Recruitment  for the MBA at ESSEC Business School, and recently reached out to him as I was seeking guidance on my career. Eric has a deep understanding of the current career landscape, brings a global perspective to the table and was able to surface some interesting growth opportunities without neglecting my career path. His holistic vision also allowed me to understand what I should improve (on my Linkedin, CV, website, ...), potential new skills to develop and how to compete in a digital era. After our phone session, Eric followed up with a full report on what we covered, with steps and recommendations on what to do next. This served as a very valuable document that sheds light onto the ambiguous areas, and all the small details that can make a big difference. I would highly recommend Eric for anyone looking for sound professional career advice."

-Sean K. Johnson

"Eric is a pleasure to work with. He creates a container for discussion that is open and free, yet with a strong guiding thread that weaves the work together and delivers us in a place of clarity. I cannot recommend his services enough."

-Alex Capdeville



"Eric helped me a lot in several aspects, such as improving my CV with specific suggestions that I never would have came up with on my own.  He knew how to adapt my profile, so that I could present myself in the best light to future recruiters.  It was a very motivating exchange that helped me relaunch my career plans and professional projects.  Thanks!"

-Paul-Heni De Baecque


"Overall I really appreciated the soft and professional approach of Eric's coaching.  I particularly appreciated the approach of linking my two interests with my professional project.  The questions were pertinent and allowed me to refine my project from an angle I had not previously considered.

I also appreciated his "soul search" approach, looking at questions as simple and effective as: "what scares me, what do I like? "  It's very reassuring to remove certain barriers.

The Elevator Pitch exercise was cool too, it's been a long time since I've done it and it allows me to synthesize my speech.

Finally, the management part was not necessarily a central point in my thinking but it becomes an important aspect to position myself on what I want and can do in the future."


-Fadia Gormit



"Eric est le meilleur coach que je connais. Toujours disponible même à l'autre bout du monde, à l'écoute, rapide, efficace , brillant, objectif et perspicace, il a toujours été professionnel. Agréable, souriant et de très bons conseils, c'est un bonheur de travailler avec lui !"

"Eric is the best coach that I know, always available even when on the other side of the world.  He's quick, efficient, brilliant, objective and perceptive, and he's always professional.  Enjoyable, smiling, and with great advice, it's a pleasure to work with him."

-Lucie Delaruelle