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Maximizing Your MBA Fair Experience: Essential Steps To Take Afterwards

Updated: Dec 20, 2023

You've just attended an MBA or Master's Fair - NOW WHAT ??

Some of the key players in education fairs are:

  • QS (Top MBA)

  • GMAC Tours (The MBA Tour)

  • Access MBA & Access Masters (Advent Group)

  • Forté Foundation

  • E-Fellows

Whether the event is an open fair, a one-to-one event (by appointment only), or hybrid...whether in person or online, these events are some of the best ways to get to know the many prestigious business schools out there and the top-ranked MBA and master's programs they offer.

You need to know something BEFORE YOU ATTEND!

Yes, these events exist so you can learn things, btu that's not all! You're there to make a good impression on these schools reps, show that you're a serious, motivated, and comeptitive applicant, and to build a rapport with them. Showing up with no prior research is not ideal

Scroll down to see what you'll learn in this video.

  1. How to best prepare for MBA and master's fairs, and what you can do once on site but you're feeling underprepeared.

  2. How to properly follow up with a school rep, AdCom, or alumni, using LinkedIn or email.

  3. About building relationships, standing out as a desirable applicant, being memorable, and why this matters in your admissions proccess.

  4. Getting your CV/resumé MBA-ready and using it in communication with all new contacts.

  5. What an MBA Roadmap is and why you need one! Spoiler alert: timing is everything!

  6. GMAT / GRE / EA prep - how long it takes, test waivers, scholarships, and how to think about the tests in order to be successful.

  7. What is the Researching & Soul Searching process?

  8. In which admissions round is the right one to apply?

  9. How to stay organized during your admissions journey.

  10. What is Personal Branding and why does this matter?

  11. Adopting the habit of networking daily and effectively.

  12. Why you never bring up money at an MBA fair.

  13. Why you never ask: "What is the minimum GMAT score?"

  14. How to go about selecting your references.

  15. What is MBA Waves?

Enjoy the video and SUBSCRIBE on YouTube!

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