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A Master’s or an MBA and How to Gain Admission

MBA fair season is in full swing, and it's great to be back on the road!

Since COVID shut down the planet, these MBA recruitment events that have taken place for years in major cities and business hubs around the world were forced into virtual formats which got the job done, but were just not the same as when MBA hopefuls and business school representatives get to meet face to face, shake hands with a smile, and sit to talk about the details of master's and MBA admissions, applicant goals, and eligibility requirements in a way that brings people together and creates connections.

Access Masters and Access MBA (part of Advent Group) are some of the major global players in business school recruitment events, and each year, they produce a beautiful catalogue, packed with school profiles of some of the most sought-after MBA and master's programs, as well as articles and insights that will help you on your journey that is the research of and application for an MBA or master's program.

Here's the web version of the article I contributed for the 2022-2023 edition, giving some of my best advice about how to decide between a master's and an MBA, how to go about researching and applying, and specifically how and why these programs will help you advance in your career.

I hope you enjoy!

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