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Love in the Time of Graduate Management Education

Are you and your spouse or partner looking to do an MBA together?

The stakes are already super high when you're planning on taking the risk of doing an MBA: you'll be quitting a presumably secure job, spending a year or two with complete strangers who you're banking on the admissions office has vetted as highly intelligent, highly diverse, and of high leadership potential. You're going to invest 10's of thousands of dollars/pounds/euros - perhaps closer to several hundred thousand when you factor in cost of living, all those networking events, and of course the opportunity cost of not having a salary all that time. Check out my previous article on financing your MBA these days.

These costs and the risk doubles when two people in a partnered relationship are doing this together! Or do they?? Not all MBA programs and business schools are created equal when it comes to supporting couples making their MBA journey together.

Which are the best schools out there to support couples seeking an MBA together?

For starters, many AdComs recognize the all-or-nothing situation they may have on their hands when it comes to saying yes or no to an MBA applicant who is applying in the same batch as their husband or wife. They just might think twice about rejecting one if it means the other one won't come as a result. This could also influence the kinds of schoalrships they'd be ready to award, empathizing with the massive combined expense.

On this episode of MBA Waves, we interviewed two MBA couples:

  • a pair of Indians at LBS (London Business School)

  • a pair of Americans at Tepper CMU

Check out their fantastic stories of
"love in the times of graduate management education."

• Get to know Caroline & Cody Campbell, and Kaveri Doshi and Parth Nayak:

The country-specific guide to MBA Admissions: Think Lonely Planet for Business School!

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