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With 20+ years experience in Admissions Consulting, Career Coaching, Education, and Recruitment, I've supported many candidates in making the next leap in their careers, all over the world. My values are deeply rooted in quality education, global interconnectedness, and diversity & inclusion. If you're targeting a seat at some of the best schools in the world, working together, I'm confident we can get you there.

As former Director of Recruitment for the Global MBA program at ESSEC Business School (Paris, France & Singapore) I know exactly what gives MBA applicants a competitive profile in the eyes of admissions committees. Previously in my role at France's prestigious Sciences Po, I offered countless workshops on how to write an impactful CV, as well as how to interview effectively. Prior to this, I worked in admissions & recruitment at Long Island University in New York. Additionally, as an English teacher for many years, most recently at the prestigious École de Guerre, you can rest assured that your essays will be critiqued for English grammar and spelling with the eye of a hawk.


Since 2020, I work full-time as an MBA Admissions Consultant; however, many clients also seek my guidance for Master's degrees (in various subjects). My career coaching experience has led me to work with people seeking jobs and internships as well. Currently based between Paris, France and New York City - centrally located and globally connected to team up for appointments, no matter what your time zone in the world.

Let's partner on your MBA journey today!

Ask about special rates for proven financial hardship.  :-)

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MBA Admissions Consultant Eric Lucrezia Coach

Board Member of the Association of

International Graduate Admissions Consultants

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